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New EU Cybersecurity Directive: Are you ready for NIS2?

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When is the NIS2 deadline?

October 17th, 2024

Who is affected?

50+ employees, €10 million revenue

What types of organizations?

18 industries affected

Network Monitoring and Security Requirements

Under the NIS2 directive, organizations are required to take a number of measures to ensure the security and resilience of their networks and information systems. These measures include:

  • Risk management
  • Technical and organizational measures
  • Incident reporting
  • Compliance and enforcement
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What If I Don’t Comply?

1. Severe Penalties

  • Personal liability for directors and management in cases where key business sectors are not adequately implemented.
  • Fines of up to €10 million or 2% of total turnover for Essential Entities and €7 million or 1.4% of total turnover for Important Entities.
  • The regulator may suspend business operations when necessary for network security.

2. Reduced Protection Against Cyber Attacks

  • Cybersecurity breaches costed on average $4.35 million per case and per incident last year.
  • Alarmingly, 83% of organizations have experienced multiple data leaks, some of which remain undetected until substantial damage occurs.
  • Taking swift action to implement the comprehensive measures outlined in the NIS2 policy is essential to safeguard your organization against these threats.
  • According to current estimates, this will necessitate a 22% increase in your cybersecurity budget.

Utilize our concise NIS2 Compliance Checklist to efficiently communicate the importance of immediate action to your CEO.

What’s a Key Tool for Effective Security Monitoring?

In order to address the challenges posed by NIS2 and ensure the security and resilience of their network and information systems, Machine Learning based security solutions are indispensable for critical infrastructure operators.

They offers a number of benefits for organizations to comply with NIS2, including:

Full Visibility

Network Detection & Response (NDR) solutions provide comprehensive visibility into network traffic, enabling organizations to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Advanced Detection
By continuously monitoring network traffic, NDR solutions can detect and alert organizations to suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts or data exfiltration.
Immediate Response

NDR solutions enable organizations to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats by triggering incident response procedures.

Worry-Free Compliance

NDR solutions can help organizations meet the reporting requirements under NIS2 by providing detailed logs and reports of network activity and incidents.

We recognize the difficulties that critical infrastructure operators encounter when it comes to adhering to the revised NIS Directive (NIS2).

Network Detection and Response (NDR) offers extensive insight into network traffic, identifying and notifying organizations of potential threats. It also supports efficient response strategies and assists with meeting reporting obligations.
Feel free to get in touch with us to discover how we can assist you in safeguarding the security and robustness of your network and information systems.

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Your NIS2 Compliance Checklist

First things first: for a full understanding of the regulation and its implications, we have crafted a whitepaper that covers all of the requirements for your IT security and the lifespan of your corporate network.
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It’s impossible to completely secure an organization against cyber attacks. At some point, attackers will successfully compromise nearly any organization.

Thus, the relevant question is, can an organization detect and mitigate a cyber attack before their data is stolen and encrypted?

- Dr. sc. David Gugelmann, Co-CEO @ Exeon Analytics


Why Monitor Your Network with NDR?


What Our Clients Say

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Patrick Käppeli, Network & Security Engineer

"Exeon is our cybersecurity alarm system, alerting us to any network anomalities. What also really convinced us is the intuitive interface of the platform – it has become a tool to reliably monitor and secure our data and network."

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Christian Keller, CISO

"As the Swiss national airline, we are driven by a passion for exceptional performance, in the spirit of our guiding principles. A stable and secure IT is the most important basis for an excellent customer service. For the security of SWISS IT we use Exeon as a central cyber security tool, fully managed by our long-term partner Reist Telecom AG. A perfect combination and solution to monitor our network and quickly detect any kind of anomalies."


Nils Planzer, CEO

"As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats."

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